Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You can outdistance competitors with the help of Hrefer

A software complex «Xrumer+Hrefer» is just an essential thing for a web-master irrespectively of his engagement: Black Hat or White Hat SEO. But the questions are: How should we use the program at full? How should we achieve more than others? We really want to be better and more successful than others. Yes, it’s true. But what should we do to achieve this? It’s quite simple – to learn to press maximum out of «Xrumer+Hrefer».
OK, let’s start. I’m going to show you how you can lead web-masters, pursuing a preemptive tactic. As time is money.
Hrefer 3.7 and information of new version of - Xrumer 7.08 Elite will help us. From the Botmasterlabs we find out that in version 7.08 the work with forums is improved on engines Yabb and Punbb. What this information is for? Well, for this update of the program we urgently need to parse forums just on these engines! As we will be able to outdistance our competitors just on this turn! While they are sluggish, admins in these forums will introduce some extra protection and again everybody might wait for the next update, satisfied with a standard registration and posting in accordance with a standard list of engines. That’s why – go ahead and do it as soon as possible. We are going to parse forums just on engines Yabb and Punbb. The rest forums we will manage to parse and go through later as they are not so important today. So, what do we need at present? Only Hrefer 3.7 and our brains. First of all, let’s parse forums on engine Yabb.
Open the browser and transfer to the site of this engine:, to examine it in details.

Here we notice that the version of the engine the forum functions - YaBB 3.0 Beta. This may be important for our work, but the main search keyword according to which we are going to start parsing the distinctive features in footer is a little bit different: Powered by YaBB. We are going to start our work just in accordance with this feature. We enter a request to the Google and wait for the information.

We notice that besides the forums on engine YaBB the Google also provides us with the links to the forums YaBB SE but this is a little bit different engine that differs from the simple YaBB which uses a data base and has other differences in comparison with his parent. Xrumer works with it, but in this update of the program there’s no any information about the improvement of work with it, that’s why if we would parse just forums for work its appearance in our base would only be appreciated but we parse a base just in accordance with a definite engine and unnecessary things are not desirable here. That’s why we should update the request: "Powered by YaBB" -"yabb se".  That’s all. Now everything is OK. We have a “wide” request and now we are going to work at “narrow” one. As a rule, “narrow” requests give “better” results and that’s why we should focus on them. First of all, variants with different modifications of the engine will serve as such “narrow” requests.  Parse them and check. As a result we will have the following:
"Powered by YaBB" -"yabb se"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP1"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.1"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.2"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.3.1"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.3.2"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.4"
"Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - Release (Yet Another Bulletin Board)"
"Powered by YaBB 2.1"
"Powered by YaBB 2.2"
"Powered by YaBB 2.2.1"
"Powered by YaBB 2.2.2"
"Powered by YaBB 2.2.3"
"Powered by YaBB 2.3"
"Powered by YaBB 2.3.1"
"Powered by YaBB 2.4"
"Powered by YaBB 2.5 AE"
"Powered by YaBB 3.0 Beta"

When we have a list of all modifications of engines we can start extra searches. Open any YaBB forum and search for extra universal features. Let’s take, for example, the same

Find an excellent request at the top of the page: "Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register" and add the feature yabb to the request in order to cut off unnecessary things. That’s all. There’s one more request. Let’s go on. At the bottom of the page find: "Username, Displayed Name or Email address:". Excellent! And again we add the feature yabb in order to cut off possible “junk”. Let’s examine another forum:

«Forum Statistics» is an interesting section. It’s worth learning more detailed.  We find out there the following: Our users have made 47380 Posts within 3506 Topics.
View the 10 most recent posts of this forum.
Most Users ever online was 126 on Aug 22nd, 2011, 10:50pm.
Most Members ever online was 13 on Oct 6th, 2008, 11:58am.
Most Guests ever online was 119 on Aug 22nd, 2011, 10:50pm.
Most Search Engines ever online was 29 on Oct 21st, 2009, 7:57am.

This is just Klondike for us! With the help of these requests we will be able to find a lot of forums! But how can we convert them for Hrefer in a proper way? We are not likely to obtain a good result if we directly “feed” the Google with these requests. You can check by entering, for example, the following request into the Google’s search line: «Most Users ever online was 126 on Aug 22nd, 2011, 10:50pm». The task is rather difficult but the Google itself will help us to solve this! We know that to make the searches easier the Google gives us a possibility to use different operators.  And if the operators such as “inurl” are not desirable for searching, the Google very quickly bans such requests. At the same time an operator “*” (very few people know about which and even fewer use it in their work) will be indispensable for us and the Google is loyal about its use by servers! Eureka!
The first phrase will be as follows: "Our users have made * Posts within * Topics". We just need to add again the word yabb to the request. Now we have the following:
"View the 10 most recent posts of this forum" yabb
"Most Users ever online was * on * *, 2010, *" yabb
"Most Users ever online was * on * *, 2011, *" yabb
"Most Members ever online was * on * *, 2010, *" yabb
"Most Members ever online was * on * *, 2011, *" yabb
"Most Guests ever online was * on * *, 2010, *" yabb
"Most Guests ever online was * on * *, 2011, *" yabb
"Most Search Engines ever online was * on * *, 2010, *" yabb
"Most Search Engines ever online was * on * *, 2011, *" yabb

As a result we’ll have a template for parsing of yabb forums as follows:

Maybe you should also add the following request: "Baidu (*), Crawler (*), Google (*), Yahoo! (*)" yabb. How do you like it? :)
And it is desirable to place into Sieve-filter the following:

There’s one more issue. How could we parse "Powered by YaBB" forums in languages different from English? It’s very simple. I’m going to show you the example in the German language; you may search in other languages by analogy. First of all, you can choose the German language in the tab Search Engines options & Filter in the menu Language in Hrefer. In this tab you can also indicate Domain / site - .de. You can place German keywords in Words database. But to parse all forums in YaBB engine we should use distinctive features for these forums of the German segment.  That’s why we open such German forum and search for distinctive features for German version. It’ll approximately look like:
"Willkommen, Gast. Bitte Einloggen oder Registrieren" yabb
"Unsere Mitglieder schrieben * Beitrage in * Themen" yabb
 "Die 10 neuesten Beitrage anzeigen!" yabb
 "Größte Anzahl gleichzeitig anwesender Benutzer war * am * um *" yabb
 "Größte Anzahl gleichzeitig anwesender Mitglieder war * am * um *" yabb
 "Größte Anzahl gleichzeitig anwesender Gaste war * am * um *" yabb        

I recommend you to use rare words in Words database (if you want to parse larger base), because when you use popular keywords Hrefer will constantly find practically the same popular sites (it will scrape doubles – I think you agree that in larger sites they discuss much more themes than in smaller ones and Google will always find larger sites by popular searches). If we use rare words we’ll expand a number of forums. It is also good to use long-tail keywords for your niche. It will be optimal for White Hat SEO.
There’s nothing difficult. Do you agree? For Spanish, French and even Chinese it’s the same. It’s just very difficult to find out information about these simple secrets. Try to launch parsing in accordance with those requests I showed you and you’ll see that the base parsed independently by Hrefer 3.7 will be “excellent”. Would you like to waste your money after this and buy bases containing of 99 percent of “junk” parsed by somebody else? I think the answer is obvious.
That’s all. Botmasterlabs prepared Xrumer’s update and we prepared a base for running on. Now we have a chance to skim the cream: there remains one thing to do – to register profiles, when admins understand the situation. :)
In general, the most important thing – stop thinking unimaginatively and try to be before others. This is a key towards success.
The situation is similar with Punbb. Try to make correct anti banning requests to the Google independently. If it is difficult – ask questions, I’m going to lift the veil little by little. And remember, not a single base that you will try to buy won’t be better than your own. You have everything to do this: an excellent parser Hrefer 3.7 and your brains. I saw a great number of bases that people sell and I can confirm you that in general this is junk that are being sold for money. :) Are you going to continue buying this “junk”?
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Video tutorial 1:

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  1. You used the following for selver-filter

    What if a forum homepage doesn't contain them, like,, I mean the homepage url doesn't need to contain any footprint, not like the category page and post page. Agree?

  2. i understood you. you mean this case:
    here my explanations:
    as you know for parsing we use words from words database. example:
    let's take a site according to your search (see above) -
    and add the word "suzukisavage" to my search. We will have:
    look at it carefully. agree, we will get a link to a forum according to my search and my Sieve-filter. :)
    if you have any other questions please ask me.

  3. P.S. you can add into Sieve-filter this term /yabb1/

  4. This explains a lot! I've just started working with seo for my business, and there are so many different tools that it's really hard to know which ones are acceptable and which ones are illegal. So thank you for clarifying! It's greatly appreciated!

  5. I have two questions:
    1) obviously posting directly to your money site is not a great idea. Should we use xrumer to post on web2.0 sites which are then leading to our money site? Or how can we use xrumer for whitehat seo?
    2) How can we index the profile pages?

    Thanks. Your tutorials are great.

  6. to Anderson.
    profiles are indexed very good without our help

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